Mother of the Bride Responsibilities

Given her close relationship with the bride and her customary obligations as hostess of the reception, the mother of the bride traditionally had the most important job regarding the wedding ceremony: helping to plan the entire event. And although more contemporary trends are alleviating some of the expected roles she took on, many of her activities are still relevant.

Moms are usually intimately involved in the choice of wedding gown and accessories. In times past, the daughter often wore her mother’s or grandmother’s dress. Although buying a dress is more popular these days, having Mom there for the shopping trip is a cherished memory for many brides. Mothers are also expected to help her daughter with the “something borrowed” and “something old” aspects of her wedding day, researching family tradition on both sides.

mother of the bride

Alisa and Her Mother. Image courtesy of Vanessa Marie Photography.

The bride’s mother helps the couple to compile the guest list; and the more the parents are contributing financially, the more input that they will have. Mom also becomes a bit of a wedding ambassador, speaking with the groom’s family about the plans; publicizing the registry, and gently explaining the intricacies of the guest list to friends and family. While the mother of the bride is very visible, she is usually not a part of the bridal party, and as such is not responsible for the planning of the bridal shower.

Fun Fact – It was considered tactless for the mother-of-the-bride to help arrange the bridal shower; it was looked upon as a mother soliciting gifts for her daughter.

mother of the bride

Jaclyn and her Mother. Image courtesy of MK Photography.

On the day of the wedding, the mother of the bride sits to the left of the aisle in the first row, and her escorted walk down the aisle signals the beginning of the ceremony. After the ceremony in the past, the bride’s mother stood at the head of the receiving line. As these lines are not always utilized in modern ceremonies, being an official greeter at the reception is expected.

Mothers are often the most appropriate – and most willing – person to coordinate all the details with the vendors, from the caterer to the florist. Come on down to Robertson’s Flowers, and bring your mom! We’d be honored to help you choose the most beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony flowers in Philadelphia – because, just like your mother, we want this day to be the most special day ever, just for you.