Pantone has announced the top 10 color trends of Spring 2016.  Rose Quartz and Peach Echo have a prevailing popularity among spring and summer weddings but Snorkel Blue and Lilac Grey aren’t far behind. Looking forward to a colorful wedding season!

Wedding Color Palette Inspired by Pantone's Spring Trends 2016

Bridesmaid’s dresses, bridal gown & bouquets in Limpet Shell, Lilac Grey & Rose Quartz

Wedding Color Palette Inspired by Pantone's Spring Trends 2016

The refreshing spring tones of Peach Echo, Rose Quartz, Snorkel Blue, Green Flash & Limpet Shell offer numerous combinations and can be incorporated into your wedding with flowers, attire, accessories etc.

Pantone wedding color palette inspired spring 2016 colors.

Fiesta adds a warm rich tone that lends itself well to fall & winter weddings while Iced Coffee is a neutral that can be used alone to complement another tone such as Rose Quartz.

Spring 2016 color trends provide inspiration to any wedding color palette

Buttercup yellow & Lilac Grey are a classic combination that is both sophisticated and cheery. Cooler tones like Snorkel Blue & Serenity can be royal, bold & full of meaning. Combine cool & warm tones for a vibrant & refreshing palette.

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