Wedding Ceremony Aisle Decor

Whether your wedding ceremony is inside or out, at a church or in a meadow, there are several ideas for decorating the aisle that will add to the atmosphere and express your personal style. Here area  few of our favorite ideas from past weddings. Follow us on Pinterest for even more inspiration!


Loose flower petals add color and softness to the aisle and can be as random or arranged as you like. This Lake House wedding featured a ombre style petals along the length of the aisle from deep pink to pale cream.


Shepard’s hooks are wonderfully versatile. Hang a vased arrangement like the ones shown here, a pomander, bucket, ribbons or other decor.


Plants are a great way to add fresh seasonal decor to your ceremony. Hydrangea plants in rustic tin pots line the aisle of this outdoor ceremony.


Clusters of flowers and ribbons help designate reserved chairs for family and special guests.

Large romantic floral arrangements placed on pedestals act as stanchions once the ceremony begins. Afterward, use the arrangements as centerpieces or to designate special areas within the reception.


Flower clusters attached to the pew ends with simple ribbons help make a large church more intimate. Using ribbons to hang the flowers won’t damage the pews and allows the flowers to be later attached to chair backs or banisters.


This whimsical outdoor ceremony featured large balloons with fringed strings that matched the couple’s flowers. Release the balloons after the ceremony or as part of the couple’s send off.


Illuminate your ceremony with candles. Place pillar candles in glass vases that are a bit taller than the flame or use floating candles with submerged flowers.

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